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Notes from 6/17, New Officers, Ornery GABF Pro-Am Contest

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Strei residence on Saturday for the meeting. A special thanks to Tom and Nia Strei for offering their home and use of their pool for members and their families (and the hot dog bar with several different styles and toppings). We had an excellent showing. Here are some notes from the meeting:


Congratulations to the incoming PWBG Board of Directors:

President – Carl Sandvik
Vice President – Mike Coll
Secretary/Treasurer – Al Corea
Membership – Dan York
Activities – Dean Mendez

Let’s congratulate them and give them our full support for the upcoming year!


Congratulations to Sheldon Greenberg and his stout for winning the session beer contest. Sheldon also placed third with a pale ale. Thanks to all who entered!


Randy at Ornery has contacted us to help spread the word about their Pro-Am Competition to pick a beer for the Great American Beer Festival. In order to enter, you need to be an AHA member (please use the link on the PWBG site to become a member) and have a beer that has placed 1-3 in a category in an AHA/BJCP-sanctioned competition since January 1, 2016. Given the short turnaround, they’re not expecting to be able to taste everything, but will choose from recipes. If you’ve had a beer place in a BJCP-judged competition in the last 18 months, send in your recipe, and you’ll have a shot at brewing your beer on a 15 barrel system. Good luck!


The Revival style pint glasses with the PWBG logo are in (thanks again to Al Corea for spearheading the effort and Tom Strei for delivery) and will be available for purchase at upcoming meetings. Glasses will be $5 each, so come to the meeting ready to purchase!

Thanks again to everyone for coming out.

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