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June 17 Meeting Details, Officer Elections, Session Beer Competition

The next meeting will be this Saturday, June 17, beginning at 3:00 PM. Please note the later start time. This meeting will be held at the Strei residence.

Tom has graciously offered a hot dog bar and the use of the pool for members and their families, so remember your swimsuits. As always, please bring more beer than you can drink and more food than you can eat.


At this meeting we’ll be having our quarterly competition, this time for session beers (5% ABV and below). If you’re interested in entering a beer, please send Dave French a note by Friday, June 16, and a label will be created and sent to you. Please include the base style and ABV. We’ll need 3 bottles for each entry in the competition. Good luck to all competitors!


The Revival style pint glasses with the PWBG logo are in (thanks to Al Corea for spearheading the effort and Tom Strei for delivery) and will be available for purchase at this month’s meeting. Glasses will be $5 each, so come to the meeting ready to purchase!


Nominations are currently open for Guild elections, and will stay open until the election during the June meeting. We have five positions open: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Activities Director, and Membership Director. Please consider volunteering for a position if you’ve been a member for at least six months. We currently have nominees for each of the five positions. Below are their candidate statements. We have also posted the candidate statements to our Facebook group (

President – Carl Sandvik

My name is Carl Sandvik and I’m running for President. I’ve been brewing for a little over a year. My wife, Josette, and I went to our first meeting, which was at Ornery. We didn’t know what to expect. I was a new brewer that made one batch, a Kolsch. We arrived and were immediately sucked into the family atmosphere that this guild breeds. We decided to join and have looked forward to every meeting and have some great people. Throughout the time I’ve spent in the guild I’ve noticed a few things that I would like to see and after talking with a few members I’ve come up with a few ideas and tweaks that can be made. While Brendan has done a great job with the guild and ran it very smoothly, I don’t plan on changing that, just adding to it to made this guild greater. Making this Guild Greater! I plan on keeping it running smoothly. Being a guild I would like to bring some educational conversations or topics to meetings. It’s the teacher in me. I hope I have your support and look forward to being your President.

Vice President – Mike Coll

We at PWBG have an amazing group. Having been a member from the 2nd-3rd meeting, I have watched it grow from 5 members to upwards of 35-40 showing up at meetings. From a member’s basement or living room to taking over entire venues. We have a ton of talent as well. The beers that are brought to meetings are spectacular and competitions are getting harder to judge because of it. I look forward to meetings and events because of the quality of the members and conversations. The beer doesn’t hurt either. I would be proud to serve as Vice President of our guild. Thank you.

Paid for by Sandvik/Coll PAC

I am Michael Coll and I approve of this message.

Secretary/Treasurer – Al Corea

I first became interested in brewing approximately 25 years ago. A friend introduced me to the “process” which in his case was more like making soup. His sanitization was such that each batch was different due to the extraneous yeasts which were allowed to inoculate his beer. However, more often than not it was drinkable. I bought Papazian’s “Joy of Home Brewing” and gave it a shot. My first efforts were all extracts which I boiled over from time to time, but I became friends with a guy who knew what he was doing and actually won some competitions. He mentored me for a bit. Specialty grains and partial mashes became the norm. I’ve taught others to brew over the years and eventually began brewing all grain and playing with recipes. To me beer brewing is a wonderful excuse to socialize and make new friends. The PW Brewers Guild has allowed me to meet more brewers, make great friends and enjoy delicious beers. For the past year I have served as Treasurer and I would be honored to continue to support the guild in that capacity.

Membership Chair – Dan York

I don’t brew as much as I’d like to, but I’m reasonably good with Excel.

Activities Chair – Dean Mendez

Hi my name is Dean Mendez, I have been home brewing for about 3 years now! I have been part of Prince Williams Brewers Guild for 3 Years as well. I have learned so much from been part of this group and continue to learn new things at every meeting. I’ve been the events coordinator for our club for the past year and hope to continue. I want to continue to help this club grow and and learn more about each other. So I hope to see you guys at our next event outside our meeting which is TBD! Cheers!

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